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About KidStance


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About KidStance

KidStance takes pride in further excelling worldwide recognition and appreciation for modifying kids ride on toys by fabricating parts and developing techniques through unconventional methods. We provide a variety of services which include but are not limited to suspension, wheels, paint/wrap, upholstery, audio, body kits, theme builds, splitters, spoilers, lips, diffusers, r/c controls, etc.

Established in 2011, KidStance began as a hobby shared between father and son. Both love and appreciate the automotive industry in every aspect! From the roar of a fully built motor to having reverence for the delicate process of building a show quality vehicle… the young and the wiser both share a common passion.


About the founder

The founder of KidStance, Denver Pettigrew Jr., has 21 years of progressive manufacturing knowledge and experience. His integrity, execution, and attention to detail are notable. Every build reflects Denver’s professionalism and artistic vision. He is constantly “thinking outside the box” by pushing himself to refine his craft and still hand makes many of the aftermarket parts. Denver remains persistent and driven to push beyond even his own expectations and to continue to take the custom kid ride on toys movement by storm!

​Future of KidStance

KidStance continues to set the standard and raise the bar for custom kids ride on toys! Our future endeavors will include aftermarket parts and more self-help videos for the “Do It Yourselfer’s.” The foremost vision of KidStance is to manufacture our own toys! Our designs are currently being developed and prototyped by Denver.



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Tel: 754-220-1744


Mon – Fri: 10am – 7pm
Sun: 2pm – 6pm