Not yet, but soon! Currently, KidStance modifies all kids ride on toys available for purchase online or in stores.

Every year, we push a little closer toward our goal! We are diligently working on completing and perfecting our prototype. 

KidStance purchases base model toys for your custom build OR you can purchase the toy online and have it shipped to us (to avoid additional shipping charges).



KidStance does not keep up to date inventory of kids ride on toys. There are hundreds of toys and many distributors that get new merchandise or even discontinue certain models.


To help further understand how KidStance works, think of us the same way you would look at a custom car shop. You can choose any car, from any dealer, and bring it to that shop to get custom work done. Kidstance is exactly that type of shop but for kids ride on toys!


If you would like to know what models are available, please try doing a Google search (type in: Kids ride on <insert make or model>). You can also check out Big Toys Direct, Target, Walmart, eBay, Amazon, etc. The Google link below will help you begin the process:


Parts available include wheels or wheel faces (designs), wings/spoilers, diffusers, splitters, and upholstered seats. Availablity depends on the model of the toy car or truck.



1.       Please choose a base model that’s age appropriate for the child and is available for purchase online or in stores


2.       Next, choose what services you would like KidStance to provide. Please look at our price list to determine estimated cost of services and to review what services we offer.


3.       Complete the “Request a Quote” form or call/text 754-220-1744. It is very helpful if you advise us in the comment section what toy you would like, what services you need, when you need the toy by, and your general location so that we can give you a shipping estimate.


We answer all emailed requests in the order that they are received. You will get a reply from us in 5 business days or less. During periods of higher than normal inquiries, it may take up to 15 days for a reply. We appreciate your patience! For faster service, text/call 754-220-1744 .


Once your expectations for the build are understood, we will confirm your order and send you an invoice for a deposit of half down. You will receive progress pictures and updates. When the build is complete the remaining balance plus shipping will be due.


The estimated time frame ranges at about 2-4 weeks but take as long as 10 weeks pending orders ahead of yours. If you have a planned event, birthday, or holiday that you would like this build for it's best to order your toy at least two months in advance. All expedited orders will incure additional fees. 


Depending on the dimensions, weight, and location (mainland USA) shipping is usually estimated between $180-$450. Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada estimates between $350-$750. Prices include basic packaging fees and insurance. We ship all toys via freight. 

Freight minimizes the risk associated with ground shipping methods which include multiple terminals, transfers, conveyor belts, etc. With freight shipping, your toy usually travels the long haul on one truck.


We ship all over the world!! Please verify your location when you request a quote for a build so that we can quickly get you an estimate on shipping. International sea freight ranges between $400-$800. International air freight ranges between $700-$1300. 


KidStance will do a video chat and/or send pictures prior to sending the toy out. Any concerns or adjustments should be addressed at that time. We strive for perfection an professionalism but occasionally we may forget to pack a t-shirt, decals, or licesnse plate. Please let us know and we will be sure to send it to you immediately.



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